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We are Manufacturers of Specialist and bespoke Hand Tools for the Stonemasoning & Construction industry. From Faulds type Carbide Tipped Chisels, Punch Hammers, Nylon Mallets, and a whole host of other Stonemasoning tools, through to Steel roofing & plating squares, we manufacture the hard to find tools you cant find anywhere else. We continue to manufacture the Smallwood’s Type Rafter Square both in polished and black finishes, along with Mitre Gauges, Beveled Ground Straight Edges, Scutch combs, Hammer Wedges, and many more hard to find Hand Tools for the Professional.

We work with many Colleges and Educational organisations to help provide the best tools available to Students as they are learning there trade. We also attend many events throughout the year to promote not only our tools, but the need for traditional Stone craft, and to be supported by the continued development and education of the tools, and the students and companies that use them.

G.Gibson & Co Ltd is part of the Gibson Group of Companies. The Gibson Group companies all manufacture specialist hand tools for Forestry, Fencing, Landscaping, Engineering, Stone Masoning, Stone Carving, and monumental Masoning industries. G.Gibson & Co Ltd, Manufacturers of Stone Masons tools including Carbide Tipped Chisels (J.G.Faulds Type or F-type), Framing and Rafter Squares for the building industries, including the sought after "Smallwood’s Square - 390 &390B" Roofing Square. The hammer section of Footprint Tools Ltd, Sheffield, was incorperated into Visa Tools Ltd, to continue production of British Standard Hammers, and also Fibreglass shafted products. As previously mentioned, I&D Smallwood’s steel products (and some wood) were integrated to G.Gibson & Co Ltd's line up, so Plater’s Squares, Rules, Straight Edges etc continue to be produced. If you have any queries about a Hand Tool you require and are having difficulty finding it, please contact us.



In 1985, Trevor & Gail Timmins formed a company called G.Gibson & Co. The main product of this company was Scutch Combs & Hammer Wedges. All the Production work was out-sourced, and the office work done at the Home office. In 1988, the first company premises were leased, and manufacturing was undertaken in house, along with packaging, but offices still at home.

The machines that produced Scutch Combs and Hammer Wedges then, are still the same machines used today. Over several years, the product range has quickly expanded, as did the space requirements for more machinery to produce the Ring Wedges. Machinery was then bought that meant manufacture and maintenance of our tooling was possible in house.

In 1997, to secure furthermore the future of the company, G.Gibson & Co bought their own premises. The building which was originally 3 times too big, along with the hard work and dedication of the directors, would become the foundation of what the company is today.

In 1999, G.Gibson & Co Ltd bought I & D Smallwood-Birmingham. The manufacturer of Steel Squares, Steel Straight Edges, Mitre Gauges, and other associated products. Production of the "Smallwood Type Rafter Square" was continued, and now is also produced in Stainless Steel and Aluminum versions.

In 2002, G.Gibson & Co Ltd bought J G Faulds-Glasgow. Faulds specialize in Carbide Tipped Masonry Tools and associated products for the Stone Masoning Trade. With this came the knowledge and experience of 3 generations of Stonemasons, in the manufacture of these types of tools. Recent figures have seen up to 1000 tools a week produced, but still using the tried and tested methods of years before. Every single chisel is prepared, brazed, and ground by hand to create probably the best quality Chisels around.

By now, the building which was originally 3 times too big, was now too small. Plans were put into place, and by Christmas 2002, the extension to the original building was started. This would see the premises almost double in size, and house plenty of room for the next acquisition

In 2003/2004, G.Gibson & Co Ltd bought Visa Hand Tools-Bristol. Whilst this continued the Groups continued effort to work in specialist and professional markets, it also opened up further markets into Forestry and Fencing. Visa Tools still trades under the original name, but is a subsidiary of the Gibson Group, unlike the aforementioned companies which all trade as G.Gibson & Co Ltd, another Gibson Group Company. Visa manufacture Fibreglass and Hickory handled striking tools, mainly for the forestry and fencing trades, but also some construction trades, as well as the specialist’s areas such as Fire-fighters Axes, Track Keying Hammers, DIN & British Standards Ball Pein Hammers.

To further add to the specialist hammer division, G Gibson & Co Ltd purchased the Hammer section of Footprint Tools Ltd, Sheffield in 2009. We now produce even more fibreglass shafted striking tools than before, but also produce BS867 hammers, and many other specialist hammers which were previously manufactured by Whitehouse and then Footprint.

All the aforementioned companies have been relocated under one roof at the new site on Barrowby Lane, Garforth. This helps keep our costs down, and our quality high.

We are always interested in the aquisition of Specialist Handtool manufacturing companies, and see this as a great avenue for expansion.