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Carbide Sanding Trowel

These Tools are manufactured by Carbide DK, a Danish company specialising in Abrasives.

The Sanding Trowel is the modern equivalant of a conventional sand paper sanding block, but with many improvements.

  • 200mm X 100mm Surface, with 25mm Return for corners.
  • Grains of carbide of a particular size depending on the purpose, welded onto a steel base.
  • The Carbide is extremely durable compared to sandpaper.
  • The Carbide coating’s sharpness and other unique properties prevent material from building up on the sanding and grinding tools.
  • If material build-up does occur, it is easily removed using a metal brush or a cleaning solvent.
  • Carbide/tungsten coated sanding tools are extremely long-lasting, and can be used for sanding and the surface treatment of a wide range of materials.
  • Saves time and improves results.
The Sanding Trowel has a 25mm - 90Deg return, for getting into corners, and a moulded handle for a good grip and even pressure.

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Carbide Sanding Trowel

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