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 This kit is Our Comprehensive Kit for Stone Sculpting on a small scale and/or to high detail,  in softer stones and marble. This Kit includes our range topping Fishtail chisels, which allow greater levels of detail to be attained, and which have a waisted shaft to allow greater vision and reach on the peice. The Kit comes with most of the hand tools needed to perform basic stone carving, and to keep your tools in good condition.

Kit includes:

  • 1/8" Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 1/4" Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 1/2" Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 1" Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 3/16" Bullnose Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 1/2" Bullnose Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 3/16" Fishtail Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 3/8" Fishtail Carving Chisel - Mallet Headed
  • 1/2" Point Tool - Mallet Headed
  • Carbide Tipped Scriber
  • 1-1/2lb Dummy Hammer
  • Diamond Coated Sharpening Whetstone
  • 14 Pocket Tool Roll

This Kit can be supplemented by Kit 2. The Tools in Kit 2 fill the size gaps, add a roughing claw, and also add a Nylon Mallet to the set.

All the Chisels are Mallet Headed headed and are designed for use with small mallets. Both Nylon and Wooden mallets are available from our store. Please see the 'Hammers' section. 

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Carbide Tipped Sculptors Stone Carving Kit for Marble & Soft Stone

Product Code: KIT1

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